Cherry Blossoms along the Fukagawa River

Cherry Blossoms along the Fukagawa River

Monzen Nakacho, Japan, April 2013.



Night in a city that never sleeps

Night in the city that never sleeps

Tokyo, Japan, January 2013


Set sail on a sea of dreams!

Japan Pic of the Day

Tokyo DisneySea, Mediterranean Harbor, January 2013.


5月のカレンダー | May’s Calendar.

5月のカレンダー | May's Calendar.

Click for larger.

I’m nearly there with this month’s fish/bugs!


Shizue Nendoroid.

Shizue Nendoroid.

I already own a few Hatsune Miku Nendoroid’s so I am most definitely ordering this, too!



Disney’s Magic Castle My Happy Life.

Disney's Magic Castle My Happy Life.

This game is the very reason I bought a Japanese 3DS whilst in Japan. I had stayed strong right until the last two weeks of our trip and then I saw this poster in a store and.. BAM. I had to have a 3DS for this game. Sure, it’s not out for a while but I luckily have Animal Crossing which is also amazing (though not the reason I bought a 3DS.. hmm)


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