Disney Magic Castle My Happy Life..

07-disney-magic-castle-my-happy-life-2Less than a month ’til it’s released in Japan — on August 1st! — and I cannot wait!

Is anyone else getting it?

I’m really undecided over whether I’m going to buy a physical copy or download! I’m not sure… I do kinda like having the boxes for my shelf!!

Hmm.. need to decide quickly!



Disney Magic Castle My Happy Life Screenshots on Nintendo Everything.

This looks so adorable. I just cannot wait to play this game!


Shizue Nendoroid.

Shizue Nendoroid.

I already own a few Hatsune Miku Nendoroid’s so I am most definitely ordering this, too!



Disney’s Magic Castle My Happy Life.

Disney's Magic Castle My Happy Life.

This game is the very reason I bought a Japanese 3DS whilst in Japan. I had stayed strong right until the last two weeks of our trip and then I saw this poster in a store and.. BAM. I had to have a 3DS for this game. Sure, it’s not out for a while but I luckily have Animal Crossing which is also amazing (though not the reason I bought a 3DS.. hmm)