One of the best feelings…


Paris to Tokyo, January 2013.

I love to travel. Especially to Japan. Such good memories. Hopefully September will see a return to Japan and also to Hong Kong. Fingers crossed.



すすきの氷の祭典 Susukino Ice Festival 2013


This was part of “さっぽろ雪まつり” (Sapporo’s Snow Festival) in February 2013. It’s in a part of Sapporo city called Susukino, a night-life district, and they hold an Ice Sculpture festival at the same time as the main Sapporo Snow Festival.

The fish, encased in ice, looked as if they were swimming. I loved this experience, it was a perfect Birthday treat for me.


This time last year..

This time last year..

At Mount Fuji, January 2013.

I had just arrived in Japan with my partner and a few of our friends where we would spend three months of amazing experiences in the land of the rising sun!

Aaah~ I miss it!


Dear Diary, Tobidase Doubutsu No Mori

Awesome review of an Awesome Guide by an Awesome Blogger.. !

Non-Confidential Diaries of a Girl Gamer

Last night, a very special package arrived in the mail, and to my surprise, even fit in the mailbox. Toby was destined to keep my impatience at minimum by constantly reminding me this special package would not arrive probably until next month. Though his excitement was hidden in the wait of the delivery, mine was not, and it was definitely present in the arrival of a text from my mother who showed me the lime green package return address that had in big, bold letters: JAPAN.

It had arrived.

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Review: Japanese ACNL guide – とびだせ どうぶつの森 デザインのある暮らし”Dezain no aru kurashi”

2013-07-25 18.24.05

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This is a book I recently picked up on an order from the shopping service provided by (along with a few magazines and toys which I’ll talk about another time) and it’s actually much more amazing than I’d originally thought!

I knew that the book would be about designing your village and remaking items to suit your house but the amount of detail is really quite awesome.

EDIT AS OF 30/01/2014 I appreciate that many people are unable to get a copy of this book, and I’m sorry to hear this. However, I had to pay quite a large amount to order my own copy and, whilst at first I didn’t mind taking photos for friendly people now and then, it’s getting quite out of hand now so I’m afraid that I won’t be responding to any more requests for specific pages. Sorry. I paid a lot for this book and it’s unfair to me to give the whole book for free. I hope you can appreciate this. Thank you for visiting. 🙂


Magazines and Books July 2013.

A few things I’ve ordered from Japan using the amazing service from haven’t arrived yet but here’s a list of what’s coming!



Cherry Blossoms along the Fukagawa River

Cherry Blossoms along the Fukagawa River

Monzen Nakacho, Japan, April 2013.


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