Fantasy Life so far..

I have to admit that, aside from being super busy with work RL, I’ve been a little tiny bit distracted by Fantasy Life. It’s really adorable and a lot of fun. I still like AC a lot more but it’s nice to have a secondary game for when you’ve expended all your energy on doing stuff in AC.

It’s a lot different from AC, but pretty similar, too. I think I’ll play both games together — so expect posts about Fantasy Life, too!

Has anyone else played Fantasy Life? Got any tips?

If anyone’s there, of course.. ahem.

I’ll also be blogging about Inuno Village weekly/bi-weekly from now on due to RL stuff! Got lots to write about!


Level 5’s 15th Anniversary sale on Nintendo eShop!

I just went onto the eShop and got myself a few 3DS games from this sale, including Fantasy Life for a bargain price of ¥2900!
Now I can check it out for myself!

Fantasy Life To See Large Content Update This Year | Siliconera

Fantasy Life To See Large Content Update This Year | Siliconera.

I was actually umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to buy this game but now I’m definitely going to wait until this update and give it a go! Sounds good.