This week in Inuno Village – 24th – 30th June

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This week has been quite a slow one in Inuno — I’ve been working so many hours at work as the season is picking up and it’s getting harder and harder to make time for AC. I’m not giving up, but things are going to be moving slower! Hence this post is being written almost a week late, eep!

So, here we go…



This week in Inuno Village – 17th June ~ 23rd June.

It’s been a pretty busy week in Inuno! Lots of new faces have been popping up and I’ve visited a lot of new villages! Thanks to everyone who visited/let me visit them!

Monday 17th June:

Agnes seemed to be in a jolly mood when I came across her in the morning. Most of my villagers have been whistling and walking around — I think they’re enjoying life in Inuno!



This week in Inuno Village – 10th June ~ 16th June.

Monday 10th June:

As Monday is my day off work, I always end up in-game by early morning. So early that the game hadn’t even reset!



This Week in Inuno Village – 3rd June ~ 9th June 2013


I expect everyone is getting excited as AC will soon be released outside of Japan, huh?! I’m sticking with my Japanese version as I don’t own an English 3DS but I hope to meet some new Mayors!!

So, this week..

It’s been a bit slow in Inuno as I’ve been so busy with work IRL but a few interesting things have happened so I’ll do a run-down of the past week:

Monday 3rd June:

It was a rainy day most of Monday and I managed to spot a much-needed Snail for my collection.


…can you see it??


Inuno Village – 30/05 ~ 02/06


I have fallen behind a bit on updates so to remedy my inability to post every day, I’m going to start writing a weekly report instead of daily! But, before I do so, I’m going to recap what has been happening in Inuno since I last updated and up to the start of this week…

30th May:

I was super, super pleased to see this guy! and I mean, seriously – IRL, I live in a town where Seagulls are the bane of our existence so this is saying a lot…


Damn, I forgot my megaphone.. hmmm..


今日のいぬの村 28 – 29/05/2013

28th May:


4.20 A.M?!


今日のいぬの村 This weekend – 25 – 27/05/2013

The weekend has been super busy at work so here’s a quick run-down of Inuno Village over the long weekend….



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