Bravely Default might just be the game I’ve been waiting for..

My first encounter with the title was during my time in Japan this time last year and I didn’t really grasp how awesome this game really is as I found myself spending more time reading difficult kanji than actually enjoying the game play!

However, I received the EU version of the game as a late Christmas present from my partner after I played the demo and absolutely adored it. I had so much fun getting all the bonuses and maxing my jobs/levels!

This game is just amazing. It’s perfect for me as it reminds me of my childhood love for Final Fantasy, particularly Final Fantasy V! I’ve only just started Chapter 1 so I’m still in the early stages of the game but I’m going to be sinking a lot of time into this game that’s for sure! I especially love how you can have the dialogue in Japanese as I think the characters sound much better!

Anyhow, I’d really love to add some fellow players so we can build up our village/ablinks so if you’re playing the game, too, please comment and we can exchange friend codes!