One of the best feelings…


Paris to Tokyo, January 2013.

I love to travel. Especially to Japan. Such good memories. Hopefully September will see a return to Japan and also to Hong Kong. Fingers crossed.



Pluto wants to go travelling again!


My favourite travelling buddy!

Disneyland Paris Park, February 2014


ACNL 2014 Challenge — February 2014!

Basically, I’m really terrible at remembering to keep up-to-date with games like AC. I go through a period of about 3 months where I play the game solidly, spending copious amounts of time each day on the game. But then, as if by magic, I’ve forgotten all about my pretty much perfect town and have moved on to something new…

So, as my one New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided to attempt to play the game every single day for a whole year, starting on 1st January 2014, and ending 31st December 2014. I was given an EU 3DS XL as a Christmas gift and got myself a copy of ACNL to begin my journey.

This isn’t my first foray into the world of ACNL, I’d previously played the Japanese version and you can read about my exploits in Inuno Town, here.

ACNL 2014 Challenge:


Town: Timber.

Mayor: Rinoa.

note: Yes, this is a blatant FFVIII reference, hehe. Big Rinoa fan right here, yup. Don’t judge me!

Previous Months:

  1. January 2014

February 2014 in Timber — Screenshot collection:




Festivale in Timber 2014.

This event was such a blast! I actually enjoy collecting and completing sets/series of items in pretty much any game I play, so the challenge of obtaining every single piece of the Pavé series was pretty darn cool. I quite like the design but I wish you had the option to re-make them as I’d quite like a pink set!

I also adored how pretty all the multi coloured confetti was! I’ll admit that it gave me a bit of a headache after a few hours of searching for feathers, though! I managed to find 3 rainbow feathers in total but in general I ended up adopting a quite simple yet effective strategy. My strategy was basically; once you have 2-3 of a particular colour, put it into your locker and trade/play games for the final colour with feathers you have spare.. once you have 1 of the colour needed, run back to your locker and whip the others out and go straight to Pavé!

This way, if you lose a challenge you won’t lost one of the colours you need! (and the villagers almost always choose the colour you need if you lose!) I’m pretty sure most players will have adopted a similar strategy but that’s what I did.

It paid off and I managed to get the full set (and quite a few extras, contact me for a trade if needed!) and it only took 2-3 hours of grinding. What can I say? I enjoy a challenge!


The full Pavé series and some extras!

Here’s a few screens from Festivale in Timber 2014!


This time last month I was “home”..


Disney Resorts always feel like home to me. Especially Paris and Tokyo. Even though it was only a month ago, it feels like an eternity! I want to go back…

Walt Disney Studios, Paris, February 2014.