Disney Magical World won’t give you bed head hair.


In Disney Magical World, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t play for a week or two. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t play for over a month.

It’s different from AC in that it doesn’t penalise you for missing time in-game. I once went without even popping my head in for over a month and it didn’t make any difference — the characters were all still happy to see me, my cafe (despite having sold out of food and therefore not operating..) wasn’t boarded up with a “for sale” sign on the door… it was completely fine.

Sure, if you miss a few weeks during one of the events, there will be less chance to complete a special event Cafe set in the month or so that the event is active but other than that, there isn’t any negatives, really.

It’s a really chillax, super adorable game that loves you even if you don’t call back.. for a month, or so. And, the best part? No cockroaches or awful hair!

note: This is from my experience playing the Japanese version of the game and the final NA version might differ from the Japanese version. Thank you!


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