Disney Magical World Info!


Or “Disney Magical World”!

This is a guide about what we might expect from the upcoming title “Disney Magical World” coming out in NA in April! I’m using my experience with the Japanese version of the game to give an insight into how the game works and what kind of things you can expect from the title.

I’m a huge fan of Disney. Like on a super geeky level. I visit Disneyland Paris frequently and, when I lived in Japan for a year, I went to Tokyo Disney Resort over 80 times. Yep, that kind of geeky! I just can’t help it — I love Disney and always have! It’s such an awesome form of escapism. Another favourite form of escapism for me is gaming. So, when I found out that they were releasing a game that pretty much combines two of my favourite past-times, I was pretty stoked.

In fact, it’s not the first time I’ve played some form of this game. It actually originates from Disney Japan’s web site and some of the games they have on there.. like site based games. It’s still very popular now, it’s basically very similar to Disney Magical World but on the internet. It’s here if you’re interested and I’ve even written a guide to creating a character on an old blog of mine if you’re so inclined!

So yes, history lesson over. I’d basically played the site based game, known in Japan as Disney Magic Castle Online for a few years before I found out they were releasing a 3DS version in the summer of 2013. I even bought a 3DS for this title — yep, the sole reason I bought a 3DS was NOT for Animal Crossing New Leaf, it was for this game!

The game is essentially in a similar style of AC but it has a wider range of things you can do, particularly in the fact that there’s several other “worlds” you can visit via shiny portal type things. You are based in what is known as “Castle Town” in the Japanese version and the other worlds are accessible from there.

Map of Castle Town.

Map of Castle Town.

This is also where you’ll find most of the classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Goofy, Pluto etc.. It’s where your Cafe is located and you basically live on top of your cafe in a nice room which you can freely decorate similar to AC.

Umbrielle’s Rough Guide of what to expect from Disney Magical World!

note: Some of these screens were taken from the Disney Magical World’s Miiverse page in Japanese to help show you what the game is like. 

Special Events

Collecting Stickers!

Your sticker album.

Your sticker album.

At the start, you are given an album that will hold all the stickers you unlock throughout the game. There are 100 stickers to collect and there are various ways in which to get them.

  • Clothing
  • Fishing
  • Cafe
  • Photo
  • Dungeons
  • 100 Acre Wood
  • Secret
  • Prologue

The more stickers you collect, the more stuff you can unlock. I mean, literally everything in the game revolves around these stickers. Without enough stickers you can’t unlock more dungeon quests, you can’t make more furniture, food or clothing etc. It’s very important to collect these stickers!

Stickers collected relating to growing things in 100 Acre Wood.

Stickers collected relating to growing things in 100 Acre Wood.

The Japanese version even provides a list of stickers you are closest to gaining and even tells you what more you need to do to gain that sticker (for example, to get a certain sticker you need to wear 50 “perfect” outfit coordinates and it’ll list 13/50 or something to let you know how far you’ve got.)

So yes, stickers are very important to collect. They do get quite hard towards the end, though!


I needed 85 stickers to unlock this feature in the game!

The Cafe:

You are basically given a cafe to run and you have a cafe manager and a member of staff who basically stay in the cafe all day serving customers. Your job is to decorate the cafe in a range of “themes” and also match these themes with related themed cuisine. You gather ingredients for your cafe from 100 Acre Wood where you have a patch of land that you can grow on. You also get a lot of ingredients from other worlds and stuff.

Special Events

A not-so flattering screen of my character harvesting some veg for the cafe!

For each plate of Main, Drink and Dessert sold, you make a tidy profit which you’ll receive once everything is sold out (but you can also claim any money earned before you sell out, too, if you need to). Each time you sell enough food, or complete cafe-based requests, you generate a shiny rainbow bar that, once full, allows you to throw a “party”.

Creating some new food for the cafe!

Creating some new food for the cafe!

This is where the theme comes in — if you can deck out your cafe in a theme successfully (which is determined by something called “combo points”), the characters belonging to said theme (eg Beauty and the Beast) will turn up at the party, giving you the opportunity to get their cards and also take a photo with them.  Sometimes this is the only way to even see certain characters.

Special Events

A Beauty and the Beast themed Cafe with Belle and Beast as Special Guests!

Combo points are accumulated via crafting up a theme set and decking your cafe out in that theme. For example, you get a combo point for having matching wallpaper and floor. It’s also important to dress your cafe manager and staff member in matching themed outfits, too, as that will generate combo points.

A completed Cafe theme set for POTC.

A completed Cafe theme set for POTC.

Any characters that visit you during the party will then stick around in the Castle Town for a day or two allowing further opportunity to take photos, get cards and even get quests from them. Again, this is often the only way to get certain characters to give you quests!

Basically, the cafe is your main source of income and ticket to those rarer characters!

Photo ops!

You get to take adorable photos with Disney Characters throughout the game and these are stored in your photo album. This is usually done by them visiting your cafe during a party but you can also get photos with them by completing requests for the character or often just randomly.

Special Events

I was so happy to get a photo with Pluto (my favourite character!)

It’s pretty adorable, too!

Card collecting!

Each character you encounter will give you a card from their collection on a regular basis. You just need to talk to them when they have a sign of a card in a pop up above their head. It’s quite fun to collect these cards and later on, once you have enough stickers, you can unlock a place to trade off any surplus cards which is very useful!

An example of an Aladdin collection card.

An example of an Aladdin collection card.

Building a fashionista’s wardrobe!

An example of a "Perfect" coordinate.

An example of a “Perfect” coordinate.

This is probably a feature that will appeal more to female gamers but it’s also pretty awesome for male players, too. You can craft a whole ton of different outfits by visiting Daisy Duck in her shop. It’s very rewarding, too, as when you wear a full-set or “Perfect” coordinate, the people in town will give you a thumbs up and as you collect these points you can use them to buy cool items from a mysterious witch!

Craft awesome furniture!

By visiting Chip n Dale at their workshop, you can build all manner of awesome furniture for your cafe and bedroom. It’s also the best way to get better with fishing as they also craft fishing rods!

At Chip n Dale's workshop.

At Chip n Dale’s workshop.

Different Disney Worlds:

In the Japanese version, there are several worlds already included in the game for you to visit. These are;

  • Cinderella’s World
  • Alice in Wonderland World
  • Aladdin’s World
  • 100 Acre Wood

A few months ago, they also released a paid add-on world;

  • Pirates of the Caribbean World (which cost 450 yen = $4-5)
The boat that takes you to the POTC world!

The boat that takes you to the POTC world!

I’m pretty sure they’ll release other add-on World content in the future (it’s a great way for Namco-Bandai to make bucks, huh!?)

Each world is pretty much a source for dungeon quests. There isn’t really much you can do in the worlds other than complete dungeon quests. The two exceptions being;

100 Acre Wood:

Special Events

Your plot of land to grow on!

You complete quests here to help out the inhabitants of 100 Acre Wood. There isn’t a dungeon in this world. The primary use of this world is to grow fruit, herbs, flowers and vegetables. There’s also a ton of different items to collect in this world, including Honey (of course!) and ample fishing opportunities!

Cinderella’s World:

This world has a dungeon but it also has a “ballroom” where you need to complete a set of rhythm games set to classical music whilst your character dances with a partner.


Special Events

Dungeon Screen

Each world has a unique dungeon set-up but the basic idea is simple. You wield a magic staff and use ranged magical attacks to defeat magical ghost-like enemies. It’s quite easy but the quests do get harder. You generally have an item to recover or a bunch of items to collect. You get a bigger enemy at the end of the quest known as the “Boss Battle” and each world has a bigger ultimate boss at the end.

Special Events

One of the harder bosses from the Aladdin Dungeons.

Doing these dungeon quests is useful because it’s often the only way to get the items needed to craft furniture, clothing and food. You also get to wear awesome sets of clothing (which I liken to Armor!) which are specific to each world and provide extra health and power when worn. Again, these can only be learned through doing the dungeon quests and the items needed to craft the armor can often only be gained through doing dungeon quests.

Special Events

An example of the armor you wear during the dungeon quests.. this is from Alice!

Castle Dungeon:

Once you reach a higher level of stickers (I believe it’s 60/100 stickers gained) you can unlock a special dungeon which is located beneath the castle in Castle Town. This is a challenging dungeon with each level needing more skill than usual to complete — but you also get better rewards. But I won’t go into too much detail as it’s much later on in the game 😛

Seasonal Events:

Special Events

A Summer event in the Cafe.

The game does feature Seasonal Events similar to AC. The event only really takes place in Castle Town and the whole world gets a makeover to look festive. Recently, there was snow, snowmen and christmas trees during the Christmas period.

You also unlock a theme set for your cafe by doing requests for town residents. They will give you a “recipe” which you then hand in to unlock that particular item for crafting.

It’s a lot of fun collecting all the pieces of the theme and finally being able to hold a “Christmas Party” in your cafe at the end (and Mickey Mouse and his pals all visit dressed up in Christmas themed outfits!) as you get to take a very special, festive photo for your album!

Add-on content:

Some of the add-on content available now.

Some of the add-on content available now.

With the Japanese version, you do get monthly free downloadable gifts. These are usually a t-shirt with a character design. However, when there’s an event you’ll also get a piece of the special cafe theme set to start your collection (for example, I got a Christmas Wreath which was my first part of the Christmas theme set) so it’s not all paid content.

However, they also offer a lot of adorable paid content. For example, a Sleeping Beauty cafe theme set or a bad ass Magic Wand for your dungeon questing. As mentioned before, they also sell the POTC world, too.

I’d say that you’re not really missing out on anything by opting not to buy any of the paid content but if you’re a big Disney fan and want to collect ALL THE THINGS!! then it might be an option. It’s not exactly super expensive (a wand costs 100 yen which is a $1 or so.. and a cafe set costs $450 which is $4-5 etc) but it can soon add up!


Special Events

This was just meant to be a rough introduction to what the game should be like when it’s released in April. I’m not completely 100% sure if everything will be the same but it should be pretty similar.

It’s a really enjoyable game and has a lot of interesting features. I would say that people who aren’t into AC would probably dislike this game but, if they were a fan of Disney, perhaps it would be worth giving it a try. I’ve been playing this game since August and still enjoy it a lot so there’s quite a bit of mileage on the game.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment here! Also, if you want to help spread the word, please reblog this post so other people can see!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll buy the game!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. T.B.O.A. Sad
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 21:32:09

    Wow – That was such an in depth preview, you blow away the other sites! Magical World is perfect for me – I just got celebrated Halloween at Walt Disney World in October, and have that dreaded ‘Post Disney Depression’ still lingering.. My absolute favorite place! I’m 600 hrs in on New Leaf, so Disney PLUS a slight Animal Crossing style is exactly what I want : ) Thanks for the fantastic preview!


    • Umbrielle
      Jan 11, 2014 @ 21:42:54

      I’m really glad you liked it! I’m exactly the same as you when it comes to Disney parks! I was at DLP for Halloween and it was so nice to see Halloween in the game after I’d got back from the real park! 😀 I know all about Post Disney Depression!

      600 hours on ACNL!? That’s so awesome! I made it to 300 hours with my Japanese copy but I’m still in the baby stages with my EU copy. I’d love to come see your town some day! (I’m adding you to my friends list now.. hehe!)


  2. T.B.O.A. Sad
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 08:24:18

    Awesome! Next time I’m playing and I see you’re on, I’ll open the gates! : )


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