Downloading Disney Magic Castle My Happy Life!

Downloading Disney Magic Castle My Happy Life!

I can’t wait to finally play this!! Expect more soon!



Dear Diary, Tobidase Doubutsu No Mori

Awesome review of an Awesome Guide by an Awesome Blogger.. !

Review: Japanese ACNL guide – とびだせ どうぶつの森 デザインのある暮らし”Dezain no aru kurashi”

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This is a book I recently picked up on an order from the shopping service provided by (along with a few magazines and toys which I’ll talk about another time) and it’s actually much more amazing than I’d originally thought!

I knew that the book would be about designing your village and remaking items to suit your house but the amount of detail is really quite awesome.

EDIT AS OF 30/01/2014 I appreciate that many people are unable to get a copy of this book, and I’m sorry to hear this. However, I had to pay quite a large amount to order my own copy and, whilst at first I didn’t mind taking photos for friendly people now and then, it’s getting quite out of hand now so I’m afraid that I won’t be responding to any more requests for specific pages. Sorry. I paid a lot for this book and it’s unfair to me to give the whole book for free. I hope you can appreciate this. Thank you for visiting. 🙂



PC/Smart phone wallpapers from the Japanese AC Official site!

These are so adorable! Enjoy!


Disney Magic Castle My Happy Life..

07-disney-magic-castle-my-happy-life-2Less than a month ’til it’s released in Japan — on August 1st! — and I cannot wait!

Is anyone else getting it?

I’m really undecided over whether I’m going to buy a physical copy or download! I’m not sure… I do kinda like having the boxes for my shelf!!

Hmm.. need to decide quickly!

This week in Inuno Village – 24th – 30th June

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This week has been quite a slow one in Inuno — I’ve been working so many hours at work as the season is picking up and it’s getting harder and harder to make time for AC. I’m not giving up, but things are going to be moving slower! Hence this post is being written almost a week late, eep!

So, here we go…