Inuno Village – 30/05 ~ 02/06


I have fallen behind a bit on updates so to remedy my inability to post every day, I’m going to start writing a weekly report instead of daily! But, before I do so, I’m going to recap what has been happening in Inuno since I last updated and up to the start of this week…

30th May:

I was super, super pleased to see this guy! and I mean, seriously – IRL, I live in a town where Seagulls are the bane of our existence so this is saying a lot…


Damn, I forgot my megaphone.. hmmm..



Oh, ok.. that was surprisingly easy.
“Oh… MY PRINCESS? Give us a KISS!” 

He’s quite a character, huh? I love how they portray him as “foreigner speaking heavily accented Japanese”. It’s hillarious, especially in the anime movie of AC..



Huh… What?! Who are you!

I carefully read his clues and guessed away.. so the next day I should get a present, huh?



Hmm.. yet he’s still hanging around. I thought he’d fly off or something.. pfft.



…you creep me out a little, JohnnyGulliver.

And another random Balloon attack.. just for fun.


..I love how my character always looks like she’s staring sideways…



I’ve had quite a few visits from villagers this few days..
She’s not impressed by all these intruders.

I also spent a large chunk of time in the Island playing assorted mini-games/fishing etc to raise more medals and money for the Rest Centre..



Yep, I suck at this mini-game but I actually really love playing it…

I paid off the money for the Reset Centre later that day.. but forgot to take any pics of it.

31st May:



Argh, he scared me!

I came out of the house to be greeted by Resetti.. I forgot how scary he is!


Hmmm… not the best present but oh well!

I also received this delightful Asian style hat from Gulliver! Not bad!






She’s pretty shocked by the new addition to the beautiful village.

I then headed over to the Town Hall and ordered up the next project — The Cafe! Blathers had mentioned it earlier and I couldn’t wait to get it built! I spent literally all day long raising money!



Later that same day…



Yesss! All paid off!!

1st June:

I heard on the grapevine that Graham was ill… again so, being the caring Mayor I am, I went to get him some medicine…again.




Oh don’t be so dramatic..
“...Ahhh… Ahh….if my illness doesn’t get any better, at this rate I might….”



…I love how the medicine doesn’t even work one bit.

Mayorly duties attended to, I then went to check out the new Cafe!


I’m really pleased with the placing of the Cafe, it’s in a nice area!



Cyrano is already in here!



After indulging in a coffee, I then remembered that I hadn’t even done the Inauguration Ceremony so I quickly did that.. oops!



I’m looking forward to getting a part-time job there in the near-future! Ohh and take-out coffee!!

Stay Tuned for this week’s post later this week!




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