Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide: Japanese vs English?!

So, I finally received my Prima Official Game Guide for AC: NL yesterday (despite pre-ordering, Amazon ran out of copies and I had to wait a week or so!) and the first thing that I noticed was how much smaller it was compared to my huge tome that is the Japanese guide…


Side by side


Despite the size difference, it really does make a nice change to be able to just.. read a guide about AC NL without needing to translate it first or look words up etc.. It’s not as detailed as I’d like — the Japanese guide is extremely, almost OTT detailed — but it’s certainly worth the £8.99 I paid for it via Amazon!


Dear Diary, Day 8 in Omorfiá

Thank you for such a nice mention of my village! One day you can hopefully come visit again!

Twitter Account!

I’m having serious issues with my router today but I can still get online with my cell so I wanted to post my new twitter account address..

Disney Mori on Twitter

Feel free to follow and I’ll do the same!

That’s all so night!

4 ways to make Animal Crossing New Leaf EVEN better.

I agree with all of these points! C’mon Nintendo, let’s do this!

Lowkey Gaming

Animal Crossing is a really great game, but like all great things it can benefit from some simple improvements. Most of these improvements are simple quality of life issues, but some can make the game even more fun than it already is.


1) Fruit should automatically stack in your inventory!

Every 3 days, your little town is going explode with fruit. Apples, oranges, peaches and whatever else you could get your grubby little hands on in your adventures. A mayor is a very busy person, and you’ll be required to carry many different tools to get things done.  It is simply clunky how you have to go into your inventory and manually stack your fruit, Especially if you aren’t using a stylus.

2) A real trading system.


One of Animal Crossings most powerful features is it’s massive community. I find myself playing the game day and night, enjoying myself all…

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Magazines and Books July 2013.

A few things I’ve ordered from Japan using the amazing service from haven’t arrived yet but here’s a list of what’s coming!



This week in Inuno Village – 17th June ~ 23rd June.

It’s been a pretty busy week in Inuno! Lots of new faces have been popping up and I’ve visited a lot of new villages! Thanks to everyone who visited/let me visit them!

Monday 17th June:

Agnes seemed to be in a jolly mood when I came across her in the morning. Most of my villagers have been whistling and walking around — I think they’re enjoying life in Inuno!



Let’s play Animal Crossing together!


チュリーナ 0920 – 0132 – 3476

How is everyone enjoying Animal Crossing New Leaf so far?

I’ve been getting a few visitors to my town the past week — which has been wonderful! — and I was just wondering if anyone else wants to exchange friend codes and meet up?

Please comment with your codes or we can exchange via email if you prefer!

Come visit Inuno!

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